Can you guarantee that my money will be collected?

We do not guarantee results because there are too many variables involved to predict 100% success. Our track record is a reliable indicator that if we accept your file, there’s a high probability of success.

Do you take legal action right away?

No. We actually try to stay out of court if possible. This makes the process less burdensome on all parties and even benefits the debtor as they now save themselves additional debts in legal expenses.

Under what circumstances will you initiate legal action?

If the debtors will not settle the account after we have contacted them, and we feel there is no serious attempt being made to resolve the situation, we will re-analyze our chances of success, and will recommend legal action if warranted.

Is there a minimum amount below which you will not accept a file?

We try to help all creditors as much as possible. However files below a certain value might not warrant the cost of filing a court claim.

What size of business does Canadian Corporate Legal Services work with?

Over the years, CCLS has helped businesses of all sizes in various industries. For example, we represent large accounting firms, law firms and Canada’s largest advertising agency. We have also represented dentists, veterinary clinics, contractors and a broad spectrum of businesses.

Will I have to go to court?

That depends on how quickly the debtor commits to paying off the debt. Very often it is not necessary. On the other hand if they are not open to settlement in a fairly short time or refuse to pay out right, we will take legal action. Even at this stage it is very possible that you will not have to appear and we can go to court for you by ourselves. We will advise if it becomes necessary.

Will I need to pay any monies to start legal action?

There is a small litigation fee that is required if court becomes necessary. This fee varies from case to case. You will be apprised of the amount before we initiate legal action.

What kind of legal action is involved?

We may file your claim in Small Claims Court or in Superior (District Court) depending on the amount outstanding. After that, there may be a number of steps we need to take to enforce a judgment. We will discuss your various options when and if these steps are required.

How long will it take for the money owed to be recovered?

It is impossible to put a realistic time frame on recovery. We often recover funds in days. Other times it can be a few weeks or up to a few months, and sometimes more.

What happens if I assign my account and you don’t get our money?

If we don’t collect, there is no fee.

What’s so special about Canadian Corporate Legal Services?

We are a legal service specializing in the recovery of debts. That’s all we do. And we do it well. Very well. Not only that, we take fast action. Our personnel consist of seasoned professionals with more than 10 years experience in the field. We never abuse or harass debtors. Nor will we ever put your company’s good name at risk. We insist on maintaining a strict communications protocol, that means that not only will your debtors have a clear picture of the process and status, but you will too. We always keep you in the loop.Back We are tenacious. Will not simply get a court judgment in your favor. We don’t stop until you get the money owed to you. At Canadian Corporate Legal Services we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Each client, each issue and each file is carefully analyzed and researched to maximize the chances for full recovery ASAP.

How long has Canadian Corporate Legal Services been in business?

We’ve been doing collections for close to 30 years.